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Welcome to our website.    For whatever reason you are visiting us, we hope that you will take the time to find out about us.  Tatenda Trust is a small UK charity based in east London.  We support a small orphanage in Zambia.  Zambia is a wonderful country with warm friendly people.  We in the west have much to learn from our Zambian friends and it is a priviledge to be working with them.  The main thing we have to offer is resources, so our  activities consist of fundraising and promoting links between children here and in Zambia. We are a non-denominational Christian charity with trustees who are both British and Zambians living in the UK. Our charity number is 1089397 and our entry on the Charity Commission's website can be viewed here .
The children that are supported come from backgrounds where there are insufficient funds to send them to school. Most have lost either one or both parents and some come from the shanty towns or rural areas.

Accessing good quality education will make a real difference in the lives of these children by enabling them to get out of the poverty trap, which is a never ending cycle for so many families in Zambia.

We don't believe in wasting our supporters' money so we keep overheads to an absolute minimum, enabling practically every penny that is donated to be sent to Zambia. We are a small charity and everybody involved is a volunteer. Because we personally know and trust the people we are dealing with in Zambia and have regular contact with them, we can ensure that our supporters' money is spent properly.