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The Zambian trust that we support pays for a number of children to attend school.  These children come from poor families who would not otherwise be able to send them to school.  Even at government schools there are expenses such as uniforms and books which prohibit children attending.

Many of the children are orphans and some have no family at all.  Often this is due to AIDS.  There are many street children in Zambia, most of whom start out in families in which tragedy strikes.  The trust believes it is better if possible to prevent children going on to the streets rather than try and assist them later when they have acquired bad habits and are unsettled.  When the trust hears of a child who has become orphaned or who is with a family that is struggling to keep them, it will endeavour to assist them by providing free education, uniforms, books etc either at its own school or elsewhere.  If a child is homeless they will also be given a loving Christian home.

To assist with this work, Tatenda Trust has set up a special dedicated fund. It costs about £25 per month to support one of these children.  If you would like to contribute towards this fund and make a real difference in the life of a child, please consider giving on a regular basis to our education sponsorship fund.  The money will go directly to where it is needed.  Contact us for further information.

Tatenda Trust does not offer a traditional child sponsorship programme as it does not wish to encourage favouritism, but supporters would be welcome to write to the school or a particular class if they wished.