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The school that is linked to the project we support opened in 1994 as a result of the efforts of one Zambian Christian woman who saw that there was a need and did something about it. Her vision is to help orphans and other vulnerable children receive quality education.
Many of the children who come to the school are from poor families and would not receive this kind of education if the project was not able to help them. The cost of school fees, books and uniforms, even at government schools, are beyond their reach. Other children at the school are fee paying pupils, attracted by the high standards of education offered at the school.

Teaching is in English, which is Zambia's national language although many people do not speak it fluently. Learning English is essential for the kind of employment that will enable a person to break free from the poverty cycle.
The school teaches the Zambian national curriculum, which includes English, maths, science, reading, religious instruction and French. It also offers remedial reading classes, art, sports and computer classes which make it more attractive for fee paying pupils than ordinary state run schools.
Over the last few years we have been raising funds for a much-needed new school building, as the previous school building was cramped and unsuitable. A nearby plot of land was purchased for this purpose and work has slowly been underway for several years. We are pleased to report that in 2009 the school was able to move into a new building on this site, although work continues on further buildings. When completed the school should accommodate about 200 pupils.