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Naturally we are always pleased to receive your money!  Whether it's a one-off gift or a regular donation, it would all be very welcome.  However we are just as happy to be given your unwanted stuff, which we can turn into money and send to a new home.  Here's how you can help with that:

If you are local to us, we can collect items from you, both large and small.  We hold bric a brac sales from time to time and we also sell at festivals and on line.  We are keen on recycling and always try to find a home for everything we are given.  We will take just about anything.

Are you upgrading your kitchen?  If your old appliances still work, don't dump them - we can turn them into funds.  A fridge, cooker and washing machine could send a child to school for a year!  It would also help out somebody who can't afford new stuff.

We take furniture, small items and will clear houses, garages and sheds. 

At festivals, we sell vintage clothing, records and jewellery. 


Do you have a record collection you no longer listen to?  Contrary to popular belief, most records are not worth a few bob and you will get very little for them on eBay.  There's nothing like a nice box of records to flick through at a festival however, and we could turn your unwanted vinyl into food, clothing and education for Zambian children.  Please contact us and we will come and collect from you.


Are you clearing out any old clothes?  Anything that has been hanging round for a couple of decades or so, mens or womens wear, would be most welcome.  You'd be surprised at what we can sell! Please contact us if you have anything you would like to give us.

INTERESTED IN THE TYPE OF STUFF WE SELL?  TAKE A LOOK AT OUR FUNDRAISING BLOG: http://tatendatrustfundraising.blogspot.com/