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Two of the girls who have been supported by Tatenda Trust since they were in primary school, Saphi and Mary, have now completed their secondary education.  They both did exceptionally well and are now studying nursing at St Francis' Hospital, Katete.  Ordinarily it is very difficult for a student to get a place on this course immediately after leaving school.  Sometimes people have to apply year after year until they are accepted, such is the demand for places.  It is a testimony to these girls' ability that, aged 18 and 19 and having just graduated from secondary school, they both obtained places on the course. Having completed their first year with high grades, they have now started their final year of training.


Mary is the first one in her family to go past grade 4 at school.  Her mother died and her father is remarried to Miriam, who works as
a maid.  Mary's father is a retired driver and the  couple have several children to support.    


Saphi has been supported by Tatenda ever since she was found in the shanty town as a young child with no family to support her.  She has been living at Tatenda ever since and has always done well at school.  Both girls are committed Christians and Saphi enjoys singing in the church choir.                            
This is a fantastic opportunity for these two girls to reach their full potential and do justice to their abilities.  We have been able to help support them all through their education to date and do not want to let them down now.  Obviously it costs more to obtain education at a higher level so we are running a special campaign for extra funding to support Mary and Saphi.  It costs approximately £1000 per term to send each one to the hospital to train.  This includes accommodation and living expenses.  There are two terms in each year and it is a three year course.  We are looking for donations to cover the next term, which starts on 1 January 2015.  Please go to our "donate" page to leave a gift, however small, to invest in these young lives.   Thank you.